Frequently Asked Questions

Dyna Pipe water descalers work by applying an electromagnetic field to the water supply via cables wrapped around the pipework. This high frequency magnetic field alters the characteristics of the water so that it acts like soft water whilst retaining essential minerals found in hard water. The modified water stops the build-up of further limescale and, in time, existing limescale slowly dissolves back into the water.
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The Dyna Pipe DSC1 water descalers operate at a fixed frequency of 15kHz. The DSC2 descaler operates over a range of frequencies between 7kHz and 17kHz. Hence, both the DSC1 and DSC2 water descalers operate at the upper range of the audio spectrum and lower end of the radio spectrum.
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In a word, no. The unit is completely silent. The audio wave produced by the descaler would only be heard if a loudspeaker was connected to the output sockets in place of the induction coils. DO NOT TRY THIS, as connecting the wrong type of loudspeaker could damage the descaler and will invalidate the guarantee.
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Yes. Dyna Pipe descalers are suitable for all types of boiler and plumbing systems. Combination boilers are particularly prone to limescale build-up because of their design. Fitting a descaler to the inlet pipe of a combi boiler can increase its efficiency by as much as 20 percent and reduce fuel bills accordingly.
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Ideally, the descaler should be fitted to the rising main, as close as possible to where it enters the house. This ensures maximum coverage. If it is not possible to access the rising main where it enters the house, the Installation Guide provides alternative locations.
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Both the DSC1 and DSC2 electronic units measure 12.5cm x 8cm x 5cm(approximately 5" x 3" x 2").
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As there is no plumbing involved, most customers fit the unit themselves. All that is required is the ability to identify the mains water pipe, fix the unit to a wall using the screws and wall plugs provided and plug the ac/dc adaptor into the nearest mains socket. If a socket is not readily available close to where the descaler is to be fitted, the descaler can be purchased with a 5-metre extension lead. If however, you wish to employ a professional plumber or electrician, it should take them no longer than 30 minutes to fit.
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The cable from the mains power adaptor is typically 1.15 metres long. This can be extended by 5 metres by purchasing one of our extension cables, thereby allowing the descaler to be located more than 6 metres from the nearest mains power outlet.
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The coils can be wound clockwise or anticlockwise, it makes no difference. For the DSC1, which has two coils, it doesn't matter if one coil is wound one way and the other coil the other. Nor does it matter in which direction the water flows through the coils; connection-A first or connection-B first, it makes no difference; the electromagnetic field will be correctly generated in all cases.
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Dyna Pipe descalers are available with North American (Type-A) adaptors, 2-pin EU (Type C) adaptors, 3-pin UK (Type G) adaptors and Australian (Type I) adaptors.
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All Dyna Pipe descalers are provided with two guarantees; 1) a two-year manufacturing warranty and 2) a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your Dyna Pipe water descaler after the first six months of continuous use.
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All Dyna Pipe descalers bear the European CE mark to indicate they fully comply with the appropriate EC directives. They also comply with the "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" directive and "Rules on Hazardous Substances" directive.

Although frequently called descalers, the primary function of physical water conditioners (to give them their proper name) is to inhibit the formation of limescale and this will happen almost immediately. The reduction of existing limescale is a secondary effect of physical conditioners and can take several months. However, because conditioned water has many of the properties of soft water, some people notice an immediate difference when washing their hair and on the surfaces of glasses, cutlery and other shiny surfaces, etc.
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No. Because nothing is added or removed, the water will taste exactly the same.
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Although the descaler primarily treats water as it flows through the electromagnetic coils, water slightly up-stream and down-stream of the descaler is also treated. Leaving the descaler switched on continuously ensures untreated water does not get into the system when the water is first turned on. When continuously powered, the running costs amount to only a few pounds over the course of a year.
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Descalers use very little power and will cost between £5 and £10 per year to run, depending on descaler model and electricity supplier. As there are no moving parts or batteries, the descaler requires no maintenance and costs are therefore zero.

The descaler will work on plastic, copper and iron piping as well as pipes of most other materials. The pipes can be painted or unpainted, but lagged pipes should have the lagging removed before attaching the coils. Having fitted the induction coils, any lagging can be replaced without affecting the operation of the descaler. Use with lead piping is not recommended.

With conditioned water, the minerals that cause limescale remain dissolved in the water and do not precipitate out. Softened water also has the ability to hold even more of the limescale-causing minerals, so that, over time, existing limescale dissolves back into the water.

Recent research indicates that treated water retains its anti-scaling properties for two to three days. This is sufficiently long for the water stored in a normal cold-water storage tank to be replenished before losing its soft-water properties.

White marks on washed clothes are often caused by using too much soap powder or by detergents not fully dissolving. After treatment with a Dyna Pipe water descaler, hard-water behaves like soft water and will not only leave clothes cleaner, brighter and softer, but also less soap powder will be required to produce a good lather. Soap powders will fully dissolve in soft-like water and so white marks on washed clothes will be a thing of the past.
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